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                                             Piedmont Community Lacrosse Association
     A new dawn rises on the local landscape of recreational lacrosse. The Triad’s five existing leagues have banded together under the newly formed Piedmont Community Lacrosse Association (PCLA). The charter member organizations are TYLA, WS LAX, the Oak Ridge Youth Association, Kernerville P & R Lacrosse, and Burlington P & R Lacrosse. This governing body will primarily be responsible for mediating any inter-league matters, scheduling all league member games, and enforcing all PCLA policies and regulations.
    The PCLA is headed by a eight (8) member board and will employ one director to facilitate the association’s mission. The primary mission of the PCLA will be to create uniformity amongst its league members creating a competitive and equitable environment. The PCLA will also be a leader in the effort to foster and develop recreational lacrosse across the Piedmont region of North Carolina, bringing the sport to new communities and encouraging young boys and girls to give the sport a try. Lastly, the PCLA will also help to build the volunteer infrastructure of coaches and provide training and educational opportunities for those who support member leagues.
    Kevin Bugg will be serving as the  PCLA director.  The PCLA board has representation from all five (5) league members and will be responsible for drafting all PCLA policies and guidelines.



Mission: Our mission is to teach, grow, and honor the game of lacrosse in your town/city/ and every community/county throughout the Piedmont Triad by providing leadership, guidance, training and structure to all our town/city /county/community  member programs participating in PCLA’s spring game schedule and the annual PCLA Lax Fest tournament held at the end of our season.


Philosophy: Our philosophy in the PCLA recreational program is that all players participate equally (i.e. quality playing time) in all games on evenly balanced teams based on a player’s grade, age, skill, size and experience – (Boys U15, U13, U11 and U9 / Girls Elementary - 3rd,4th 5th grade and Middle - 6th,7th, 8th grade) playing a local game schedule around their area.  There are NO ‘A’ or ‘B’ or ‘stacked’ teams, nor standings or playoffs, at any level playing in the PCLA recreational league.

   We constantly evaluate every team and game to strive for fair and competitive games throughout our season.

   We play our games on Saturdays allowing those players who wish to participate in “travel programs” to do so without interfering with their recreational practices and games.  We expect all PCLA players to make every effort to attend all practices and games.

   Our coaches are certified and trained to be teachers of the game and role models focused on character development, teamwork and players learning the fun-damentals, especially the ‘fun’ part. PCLA is an inclusive organization open to all Piedmont Triad communities where, collectively, we strive to always provide a safe, enjoyable, learning experience for all participants in an environment NOT swept up in the pressure filled, win-at-all-cost mania still too common in youth sports today.


Goals: Our primary goal is for players, coaches, parents, officials and program leaders to have fun, rewarding experience while always demonstrating sportsmanship on and off the field as together we learn, share/teach the fundamental skills and teamwork required to play the game well.  Program growth and greater participation at all levels are key secondary goals.

   PCLA provides training, certification and grade+age-specific rules of play for all member programs, coaches, players and officials with a particular focus on player safety, sportsmanship & fair play for a positive, fun experience for all participants.


Honor the game: We honor the game by practicing positive coaching, teaching life lessons beyond the playing field and by developing a strong community among all players, coaches, parents, officials, program leaders and fans that will last a lifetime.

   As PCLA member programs, we continue to improve our lacrosse knowledge and program capabilities each season as together we learn, share and teach the game based on speed, stick skills, athleticism and teamwork – NOT physical intimidation.


Your League: Piedmont Community Lacrosse Association (PCLA) currently represents 11 town/city/county/community based members.  In 2015 nine members fielded 48 teams consisting of 800 boy’s and 150 girl’s participating in weekly games and practices from Mid-February through Mid-May. We currently have over 120 coaches coaching PCLA member teams. We are entering our 3rd season under the PCLA umbrella and continue to improve the experience for everyone involved.  We can only grow with your help! Volunteer, spread the word and help us grow the game! This is your  league.



2016 PCLA Rules Clarifications/Emphasis


The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) 2015 Boys Lacrosse Rules Book shall govern US Lacrosse boys youth play, except as amended in the 2015 Rules for Boys Youth Lacrosse guide found on the uslacrosse.org website.  PCLA has further amended/emphasized  the following rules:


·        At the U9 level 2 coaches per team are allowed on the field during play to provide instruction during the game. U9 games will be played in the 7v7 format. Short sticks only.

·        Game will consist of 12- minute running time quarters at all age levels.  Teams will switch sides every quarter and will be allotted 1 minute to do so.  Halftime will be 5 minutes. NO overtime at any age level.  Games will end in a tie.

·        Teams will be allowed 1 timeout per half for a duration of 1 minute.  The game clock will NOT stop running during a timeout, the penalty clock will stop and resume when play resumes.  NO timeouts allowed in the last 2 minutes of each half.

·        All age groups will utilize a 20 yard box

·        Penalties are time and a half at U11, U13, and U15.  Penalty time begins with the next whistle resuming play.  Fast break for U9 with a 5 yard head start.

·        At any point during the game when there is a 5 goal lead, the team that is behind will be given the ball at the midfield line in lieu of a face-off as long as the 5 goal lead is maintained for all age groups.

·        No stick checks at any age group. No “specialty units” at any age group. Maximum four long poles on man down.  May have LSM, but no face-off specialist.

·        Score will be kept at every game.  Scores will be recorded at each table and coaches will be asked to verify the score and  sign the sheets prior to leaving the field.

·        Quality playing time is in affect for the entire game.