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TYLA Financial Assistance Policy


From:   The TYLA Board of Directors

Purpose:   The purpose of the TYLA Financial Assistance Program is to make the sport of lacrosse available and accessible to all youth athletes, regardless of their financial situation.

Process:   All TYLA Financial Aid Applications must be received by January 15th for the Spring TYLA Season, and August 15th for the Fall TYLA Season. Form can be located in the forms and document tab on the TYKA website.

TYLA has programs to financially assist a family, who’s interested in having their child play lacrosse but, the family is unable to pay lacrosse player registration fees.   A TYLA Financial Aid Application may be approved for only one TYLA season of lacrosse.   A new TYLA Financial Aid Application will need to be submitted for each TYLA season of lacrosse.

TYLA approved financial assistance may provide up to 50% of the Lacrosse season registration fees.   TYLA does not provide assistance for TYLA Lacrosse Equipment Rental fees.

The TYLA Financial Aid Committee will evaluate all financial aid applications prior to the start of each lacrosse season.   The Parents of the Player requesting financial aid will be notified of the TYLA Financial Aid Committee decision, at the start of each season of lacrosse.