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TYLA Summer Rec Out Reach Program
TYLA was busy the Summer of 2013!Richard Haith,our new TYLA president,initiated a six week program with the City of Greensboro Parks & Rec to introduce the sport to seven rec centers and the Boys & Girls Club of Greensboro.

Lacrosse has become the area's fastest growing sport and TYLA has been the torch bearer for both the boys and girls game.TYLA pledged to reach 500 new children with the sport through its "Summer Rec Tour". Fully equipped and staffed like a miniature carnival the traveling road show went from one location to the next. The volunteers were ALL former TYLA players themselves,most of whom are still  in high school and excited to give back to the sport.

They rolled the gear in to the smiling faces of the kids eager to learn and play. With in minutes the kids were running, shooting, scooping and laughing, seemingly captivated but the new sport. At the end of the 60 minutes the volunteers rolled up thier magic carpet and were off to the next stop.  Although the coordination of this effort is intensive and costly,TYLA gladly expended the resources to reach the new children. As Mr. Haith said,"Ability with out opportunity is a waste, and one of TYLA's responsibilities is  to provide that opportunity."

If you are interested in making a donation to this program or volunteer please contact Janice Gilman: triadyouthlacrosse@gmail.com