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Guidelines – For Coaches, Parents and Players:

Quality Playing Time for all recreational season players is a responsibility on the part of ALL PARTIES (coaches, parents, and players) to meet the guidelines listed below:

Coaches:  Quality Playing Time for all can be achieved in the recreational season with the following guidelines:

  • The more experienced players may not stay on the field longer than less skilled players.
  • The starting lineup must be rotated each game, so there are no routine starters and subs.
  • More experienced players may finish the last half of the last quarter if the game is close.

Parents:  All TYLA parents are required to ensure that their child attends practice on a regular basis and arrives on time for practices and games.  Players who regularly skip practice cannot expect to play the same number of minutes in the games as the players who do attend practice.  The game is fluid and may result in some players being on the field, based on their positions.

Players:  All TYLA players should do their best in practice and games, practicing on their own outside of practices, and putting forth an effort equal to that of their teammates.