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A message from Coach Stuckert, "I am extremely excited to be the director of girls lacrosse for TYLA.  My goal is to create as many opportunities for players, parents and coaches to learn, teach and grow the game of lacrosse.  We will engage young athletes in a structured, challenging experience to help them develop character, skill, and sportsmanship.  Our practices include many small sided games and encourage creativity of the individual player.  The best part of our practices is they are measured by fun."
Coaches, Parents and Players:
Please read TYLA's code of conduct and Parents Positive Coaching web pages.  .
Honor the Game: https://www.uslacrosse.org/rules/compete-with-class-honor-the-game
Parent Resources 
There is a wealth of information about lacrosse at www.USLacrosse.org
Here are some quick links for girls and boys lacrosse to get you started.
Youth Guidebooks: https://www.uslacrosse.org/players/youth
Youth Rules: https://www.uslacrosse.org/rules
Lacrosse Athletic Development Model: https://www.uslacrosse.org/safety/equipment
Honor the Game: https://www.uslacrosse.org/rules/compete-with-class-honor-the-game
JM3 Lacrosse Blog: https://www.jm3sports.com/blog
Equipment Information:
US Lacrosse Equipment: https://www.uslacrosse.org/safety/equipment
Goggles & Cleats: Find the most comfortable equipment for your player.
Mouth Guard: Mouth guards cannot have anything coming out of mouth and can be any color but white or clear. There is an exception for clear and white mouth guards made by a dentist or orthodontist, please let your coach know if you have one.
Stick-The player's stick is very important.  The game of girls lacrosse has changed dramatically in the past decade.  Especially the stick.  The rules have allowed for bigger pockets in girls lacrosse sticks and allows the athlete a wider range of skills to learn with their stick.  Stick tricks with boys sticks can be accomplished with girls sticks in most cases.
Here are some things to consider while picking out a stick.
The stick should be the right length for the players height.  Shorter and lighter sticks are best  for the smaller and younger players.  Sticks labeled with JR, Jr or Junior are usually appropriate.
Mesh sticks are available for girls lacrosse.  They are easier to take care of than the traditional pocket.  
There are specialty sticks for draws, defense and attack.  Since TYLA is at the youth level, we will encourage players to try all positions.
Ordering online and get rewards for buying equipment from the same vender.
Ask a coach or older player.  Do not settle for a price, ask someone.  
Home Equipment: 
Smooth brick wall:  Every local school has one.  Brick walls are great for your player/s to play "wall-ball."  Stay away from windows and flood lights.
Rebounder:  If your athlete is serious about getting better away from organized practice, then a "rebounder" or "bounce back" is great.  They offer direct feedback to the player for passing and catching without a partner.  
Goals:  Goals allow player an opportunity to practice their shooting and can they can play pick-up games with friends in their own back yard.
Back Stops- In case you are worried about losing balls or collateral damage from shooting, then a back stop net may help with those things.
Player Resources:
Wall Ball: 1st turn up some music! Then....throw right catch right; throw left catch left; throw right catch left; throw left catch right; behind the back; throw from the hip; throw from the laces; over the shoulder catching; "Canadian" or cross-handed throwing and catching; create your own game.
Pick-up Lacrosse with friends: use street hockey goal, lacrosse goals, two trees close together, a bucket or create your own goal.  Use tennis balls or soft lacrosse balls
YouTube search lacrosse hype/highlight videos, skills, stick tricks, plays, systems, your favorite player/s names (Shayna Pirreca, Kristen Gaudian, Gussie Johns, Katie O’Donnell, Lydia Sutton, Jenna Collins, Marie McCool, Courtney Murphy, Megan Whittle, Kylie Ohlmiller), Coaches (Jenny Levy, Kerstin Kimeletc or (ohn Danowski).
JM3 Lacrosse Blog: There are many great clips Jaime Monroe posts about the small details that great players have and strive for while becoming lacrosse players. Watch the pick up games his family has in the street!   https://www.jm3sports.com/blog
NCAA games on ESPN and other sport networks.
Guilford College D3, High Point University D1, Greensboro College D3, UNC D1, and Duke D1 are local teams that players can go to watch live.